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coco b wellness



coco b wellness


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All Coco B Yoga & Wellness retreats include excursions around our island & the unique Mayan region.


All Coco B Yoga & Wellness retreats include excursions around our island & the unique Mayan region.


Finely tailored excursions for your amazing yoga & wellness retreat experience !!


Isla Mujeres island & snorkel private tour with lunch

Enjoy a half day private guided snorkel tour of El Farito (Lighthouse) and the Museum plus a boat tour of the island.  Includes a stop for lunch at one of our favorite local Mexican beachfront restaurants.


isla contoy island visit and snorkel

Enjoy a half day private boat to Isla Contoy nature preserve and bird sanctuary, snorkel the reef and enjoy a local Mexican lunch in Contoy.  Includes stop at the famous North Beach of Isla Mujeres.


Ek Balam mayan ruin and cenote swim experience

Discover one of the Mayan regions most recently uncovered ruin in ¨Ek Balam¨.  Explore the Mayan ruins and climb this pyramid not yet over run by large scale tourism.  The trip Inlcudes lunch and a visit and swim at one of the regions most exceptional cenotes and a catered lunch..

South Point

Boca Iglesias

Ek Balam & Cenote

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Gourmet Food

pure   bliss

Gourmet Food

pure   bliss

we had a 5* experience. Jeffrey, Bridget, and Emma were all incredibly helpful and attentive, and Chef ¨Monce¨ and her staff were absolutely amazing
— Seth E. , July 2017


Our private chefs prepare exceptional meals based in traditional Mexican as well a Euro fusion inspired menus.  We also incorporate a fun cooking experience evening learning about Mayan cuisine and traditional sauces.  Our May 5 retreat features Lucia Di Cesare who is a nutritionist, raw food specialist, and fitness instructor who will be drawing from local and regional organic ingredients for our meals at Casa Coco.

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Feature 1

Our experience would not have been what it was without the amazing staff and our chef
— Elizabeth T, July 2017
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Feature 2

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Feature 3

... the property exceeded our expectations and the chef and food were amazing.
— St Charles, IL , Sept 2017
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Retreat schedule

Retreat schedule



Day 1

(Arrival day activities based on arrival schedules)

·  Check-in & hello /meet and greet.....Welcome drink /organic juice  cocktails   followed by swimming, feet in the sand, poolside relaxing.

· Optional short flow & restorative yoga w/ introduction to instructor Muriel Toutant in roof top palapa. (Time TBD)

· Group introduction and arrival ceremony in roof top palapa w/ personal development by Christine B.  (Time TBD)

· Welcome dinner in Villa or outdoor oceanfront dinning w/ announcements.(Time TBD)

· Evening relaxing poolside or personal time.  (Time TBD)


Day 2

7:00-7:30              Morning smoothies and Lucia´s organic juices , tea, coffee.

7:30-9:00              Morning yoga session with Muriel in roof top palapa.

9:00-10:15             Group breakfast w/ intro to nutrition & wellness coach  Lucia

10:15-12:30                 Free time - RELAX.

12:30-2:30             Group culinary class - gourmet lunch preparation with Lucia

2:30-3:30                  Free time

3:30 - 5:00            Group session personal development w/ Christine B in roof top                            

5:00-6:00                 Free time/ Optional sessions w/ nutritionist Lucia, or Christine B

6:00-7:00              Evening restorative yoga and meditation w/ Muriel.

7:30 -                    Dinner, Drinks, Relax…..


Day 3

7:00-7:30              Morning smoothies, coffee, tea.

7:30-9:00              Morning yoga session 1.5 hour.

9:00-10:00            Group breakfast.

10:00-11:30            Personal development with Christine or Pilates style, body

                              weight exercises w/ Lucia

12:00-3:00             Group excursion – Snorkel & Boat trip of Isla & Lunch or Isla

                              Contoy ( 3-4 hrsTBD).

3:00-:6:00                Free time - RELAX Optional personal development w/ Christine                                or Pilates style body weight exercises w/ Lucia

6:00 +                   Culinary class - gourmet dinner preparation w/ Lucia

7:30-                     Dinner, Drinks, Relax.


Day 4

7:00-7:30               Morning smoothies, coffee, tea.

7:30-9:00               Morning yoga session 1.5 hour.

9:00-10:00              Group breakfast prepared by Lucia De Cesare

10:30-12:00              Morning session with personal development coach Christine

12:00- 6:00                 Free time - Relax on or off site.  Lunch on or off site.

6:00 -8:00              Optional cooking class on Mexican sauces & tapas w/ our 

                                private chefs

8:00-                      Dinner, Drinks, Relax.

                               Optional  Day 4  - Reading the labels, shop smarter (Lucia) /    

                               Group or individual personal development w/ Christine

Day 5

6:30-7:00                Morning smoothies, coffee, tea.

7:00-8:00                Morning yoga session 1 hour.

8:00-8:45                Group breakfast.

9:00-6:30                Excursion to Ek Balam.

6:30-8:00                   Free time - RELAX.

7:00-8:00                Optional restorative  1 hr

8:00-                       Dinner, Drinks, Relax


                               Optional Day 5 - for those not traveling to Ek Balam - 10am 

                               fitness class w/ Lucia Group discussion: The truth about sugar

                               where is it hiding?

Day 6

6:30-7:30                Morning smoothies, coffee, tea.

7:30-9:00                Morning yoga session 1.5 hour.

9:00-9:30                Group breakfast.

9:30-4:00                    Free time - RELAX. (optional lunch in or island excursion)

                               Optional Per development w/ Christine B or coaching w/ Lucy

4:00-5:15               Optional group yoga - meditation session. ( 1- 1.25 hrs)

5:30 *                     Dinner out


Day 7

6:30-7:30                Morning smoothies, coffee, tea.

7:30-9:00                Morning yoga session 1.5 hour.

9:00-10:00              Group breakfast.

9:30-1:00                     Free time and RELAX

1:00-5:00                     Free time - RELAX  & Lunch out - Optional session:  

                                 Spices, for flavor & health (Lucia tbd)

5:00-6:00                Optional evening restorative yoga class

6:00-7:30                Closing ceremony, celebration led by Christine B

8:00-                       Departure Dinner, Drinks, Relax.


Day 8  (Departure Day)

6:00-10:00               Morning smoothies, coffee, tea & breakfast

7:30-9:00                 Morning yoga optional

9:00-                        Coordination of transfers, checkouts, etc.


Week long optional sessions with Muriel, Christine, or Lucia 

-       Private yoga session

-       Personal development coaching

-       Afternoon optional session: Spices, for flavor and health (Lucia tbd)

-       Fitness class optional? (Lucia tbd)

-       Private cooking class during free time

-       Private fitness class

-        Private consultation: how to create the optimal menu plan for your body,  full vitamin and mineral deficiency analysis and body systems  evaluation to create a unique plan

-       Grocery store tour: how to spot the frauds and choose healthier options